I had white spot on my right eye since birth and could not see with that eye. Dr. Jatin did my cornea transplant and now not only the white spot is gone but also my vision has improved.

Mr. Vijay Pandey

Muradabad, UP
Very happy with my ICL surgery. I had very high numbers in both my eyes and could not undergo LASIK. Dr. Jatin explained me about ICL option and now I am independent of my fat glasses.

Alpesh Bhanushali

I have keratoconus in both eyes and my number kept on increasing. I was depressed as I was told by many doctors that I will be blind or need eye transplant. When I met dr. jatin, he explained me that my disease can be arrested with C3R. I underwent C3R and my disease stopped progressing. He also gave me contact lenses and now I see everything clearly.

Sunita Kamble

Excellent! Feeling very happy as my number is gone. Thank you.

Ketaki Maldokar

I had squint in my left eye since the time I remember. I never had confidence in meeting new people. I got operated at Mumbai Eye Care for squint and now it’s a different me. I am more confident and have got a new life.

Md. Zaffer

Friendly doctors. Explained everything properly. Very cooperative staff. Got my LASIK done and now I see everything clearly WITHOUT GLASSES. It’s a wow feeling

Anchit Shethia

I had cornea problem in both eyes and cataract and was very scared about surgery and especially cornea transplant. Dr. Jatin Ashar gave me confidence and I first got my right eye DMEK cornea transplant surgery done. I gained complete 6/6 vision in that eye. 6 months later I got my left eye also done and gained 6/6 vision in that eye also. Thanks to Dr. Jatin.

Sumedha Satheye

I had come to Dr. Jatin for a routine evaluation check up and was detected to have glaucoma in both eyes and that I could not see with one eye completely. Dr. Jatin explained me everything about glaucoma and gave me treatment for the same. He helped me save my other eye which I would have lost if I would not have taken proper treatment.

Darshana Ashar

Excellent !!! Very good service. Thanks for giving my eyes back with LASIK surgery

Khyati Bhanushali

I had keratoconus in both eyes and underwent DALK cornea transplant in both eyes. Now I have 6/6 vision in both eyes. Thanks!

Pratik Setha

I am diabetic for many years. I had cataract in both eyes and everything was hazy. Dr. Jatin did my cataract surgery and now I see everything clearly. Lots of blessing to the whole team.

Champa Ved

I was to fly to USA for my post graduation in 3 days, when I decided to get my LASIK surgery. Dr. Jatin assured me that everything will be fine and I will be able to fly. He did my LASIK and next day I was fine.

Dr. Aasish Valvani, MD

New York
Thanks to Dr Jatin Ashar to operate for both my eyes cataract. Now I don't need glasses at all.

Geeta Merchant

I thank Dr Jatin Ashar, He is efficient and caring team of nursing and support staff. I was diagnosed with Cataract in both the eyes. Dr Jatin suggested surgery for both the eyes, one at a time within a span of 2 months. I found Dr Jatin as very compassionate doctor. The surgery itself took hardly 10-15 minutes and I was discharged within few hours. My vision has since improved very considerably and now I need glasses only for reading purposes. I feel much confident as my vision has improved and I thank Dr Jatin for his advice, treatment and providing good care.

Nilam Ved